Sunday, May 25, 2014

Passion for Outdoors: How It All Started

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." -- T.S. Eliot

I used to have a sedentary lifestyle where i am satisfied spending my whole day at home sleeping, eating, baking pastries or cooking dishes with mom.

That life has changed when i got an invite from a very good friend to join a group c/o Trail Adventours for an awesome adventure at Mt. Daguldul in San Juan, Batangas.

Emails were sent for the itinerary and things to bring. Being a newb/noob i was, i started to panic since i didn't have packs and other gears for this trip (hello laptop bags, hand bags,stilletos, wedges and boots). Of course, since i am a cheepo and didn't want to spend lots of bucks just for one trip, i looked for alternatives. I borrowed Kuya's backpack then good thing he also asked me to buy adventure sandals before.

Krooberg: My semi-reliable sandals
 Come August 31 midnight, i got too excited since it was my first time to do out-of-town trip with my best friend. She stayed on our place so we can go together at the meeting place. Kuya, Mom and Papa (very supportive, aren't they?) drop us off at the meeting place, Mcdo, El Pueblo in Ortigas.

Around 2:30am, the adventure guides arrived and they asked us to settle inside the van so we can leave. Upon boarding the van, we were all so quiet, i closed my eyes and uttered a silent prayer to ask guidance from God to protect and shield us from any harm. We also took a power nap to get ourselves ready for the adventure we were about to face.

6:00am we arrived at Batangas, did some stretch and started our trek.

I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Start of the trek
Take 5: 1st stop
Our adventure photographer who became a very good friend of mine: Kuya Luis :)
With my best friend who introduced me to this world (pardon the get up i'm a noob remember?)
My awesome climb/travel buddies, L-R (Ben, Michael, Crisza, Leo, Sir Mon)

We arrived at the summit around 12:00PM, we ate our lunch, explored the place, took a nap again and chit-chatted with the co-participants. After which, we started to descend.

Summit: Group Pic
I crawled, slid and slipped my way down since my semi-reliable sandals didn't have enough grip to support my balance/feet. Funny moments started when they counted how many times i landed my butt on the ground. Got 2 bull's eye and 4 warnings.

Around 4:30PM we reached the beach front and as a reward, we swam and relaxed our body with the help of salt water.

6:30PM we left the place and headed back to Manila.

My very first group climb August 31, 2013

Overall, it was memorable and very fun experience. With my awesome company, i'm sure that it was not the first and the last time. Bringing only the adventurous and dare devil me, i was able to complete the trip. Thanks to our Adventure Guides who were patient and kind enough to wait and push us to reach the summit!

Things i learned:
 - Always do the research
 - know what to expect
 - feel free to ask questions
 - Water is your bestfriend
 - DO NOT wear jewelries (hoop earrings, hello?)
 - Always bring sense of adventure. Dare yourself!

Category: Sea & Summit
Location: Laiya, Batangas
Elevation: 670+ MASL
Trail Difficulty: 3 / 10
Over All Difficulty: 3 / 10
For Beginner
Adventure Duration: 1

The Itinerary:

Day 1
02:00 AM Registration
02:30 AM ETD Manila
06:00 AM ETA Jump off point
06:30 AM Start trek- Beach front
07:30 AM Start ascent.
12:00 PM ETA summit (Lunch and Explore)
01:30 PM Start Descent
04:30 PM ETA Beach font
05:30 PM ETA Jump off point. Swim and wash up
07:30 PM ETD for Manila
11:00 PM ETA for Manila

Our Adventure Guides:
Joel Grande & Robee Singson

Don't forget to check their site and book on one(or more) trips: Trail Adventours